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Timeless Taste.

our story

Tormales is a brewery where tradition meets craftsmanship, offering a range of beers brewed with care and precision. Our vision is to revive ancient beer recipes and share them with the world, while our mission is to celebrate the enduring spirit of friendship and brewing excellence.


Brewing History, Crafting Excellence.

our history

Tormales was founded upon the discovery of an ancient beer recipe found by a group of friends in Dormaal, dating back to 1015 AD.


The modern brewery was established by Paul Schevenels, Annelies Galand and their colleagues, with a mission to revive this historical brew.

Crafting Friendship, Bottling Tradition.

OUR friends

Tormales was founded by Paul Schevenels and Annelies Galand, along with a group of passionate beer aficionados from the Dorpsweyden company. The brewery involves a team of dedicated brewers committed to preserving tradition and pushing the boundaries of flavour.


Where Heritage Meets Hops.


Tormales was founded in Zoutleeuw, Belgium, a region rich in brewing heritage. The name "Tormales" pays homage to Dormaal, the oldest known name of the area, where the brewery's journey began. The brewery's birthplace reflects the historical character of Zoutleeuw and its longstanding connection to beer.

Enjoyed for Centuries


Tormales operates as a brewery dedicated to resurrecting ancient beer recipes found in the region. The founders, inspired by the historical significance of Dormaal and its brewing traditions, embarked on a quest to recreate the Tripel, a beer with a spicy aftertaste and an ABV of 8.1%. Through meticulous craftsmanship and a commitment to quality, Tormales beers offer a taste of history with every sip.

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