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Tormales Tripel


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ALC 8,1% VOL.

Tormales Tripel is a beautifully crafted Belgian blond beer with a white foam head and gentle effervescence. Infused with traditional ingredients and enhanced with juniper berries, this beer boasts a distinct flavour profile. With an alcohol content of 8.1%, Tormales Tripel offers a balanced combination of fruity notes and a subtle bitterness, making it an inviting and refreshing choice for beer enthusiasts.

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ALC 8,1% VOL.

Indulge in the rich taste and timeless tradition of Tormales Tripel, a meticulously crafted Belgian beer that captivates the senses with every sip. Brewed to perfection, this exquisite brew pours a radiant blond hue, crowned with a luscious white foam head that beckons with its inviting aroma.

Beyond its visual allure lies a symphony of flavours intricately woven together. Drawing from age-old recipes and the expertise of our master brewers, Tormales Tripel incorporates a blend of traditional ingredients complemented by the subtle infusion of juniper berries. This unique addition lends a distinctive character to the beer, elevating its taste to new heights.

At the heart of Tormales Tripel is its robust alcohol content, standing proudly at 8.1%. Yet, this strength is tempered by the beer's approachable nature, offering a harmonious balance of fruity sweetness and a delicate bitterness that dances on the palate. Each sip is a journey of discovery, unveiling layers of complexity and craftsmanship that speak to the dedication and passion poured into every bottle.

Whether savoured on its own or paired with your favourite cuisine, Tormales Tripel is a testament to the enduring allure of Belgian brewing tradition. From its origins in the historic village of Dormaal to its modern incarnation at the Tormales brewery, this beer embodies the spirit of craftsmanship, friendship, and a commitment to excellence.

Elevate your beer-drinking experience with Tormales Tripel, where tradition meets innovation in every glass. Cheers to the past, present, and future of brewing excellence.

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